Saturday, August 20, 2011

Be Prepared

When I was younger, I was a member of the Girl Scouts. Our motto was "Be prepared." It's been about 25 years since I was a part of that organization, but that sentiment holds true when it comes to a weight loss plan -- especially when you're a Type II diabetic like me.

I've now become obsessed with reading menus. I love Menu Pages (check it out online if you're in NYC) and enjoy checking out new, interesting restaurants. Now it's especially important for me to read through them because I can decide beforehand what I want to eat. Lately, I've been going through the menus of our favorite restaurants in the city to see which items are diabetes friendly. Happily, most have a few choices for me.

We spent last night at my in-laws so I made a point to be very prepared for the visit. I had my in-laws pick up some foods for me at the grocery store, then got the name of the restaurant where we'd be eating dinner. I then went online and checked out that diner's menu. Once there, I ordered a spinach salad with grilled chicken and an egg white omelet with spinach (no fries or bread). Everyone else ordered cake for dessert, but I had berries with cottage cheese and some herbal tea. I was pleased because I managed to keep my blood sugar low the entire day and I got to enjoy a nice, healthy meal with my family.

Today, I woke up with a nice, low blood sugar number: 97! We then relaxed and swam in my in-laws' pool. I'm not the greatest swimmer, but I treaded water for about a half hour. I actually feel this in my legs; they're a little sore from the pedaling motion. I like walking, but on a hot day like today, swimming is my favorite exercise.

I haven't weighed myself since my last doctor's visit a couple of weeks ago, but I can tell that I've lost weight. I see it in my face and my bathing suit has become huge on me! I always lose weight on top first, so the top part was hanging on me and I had to keep pulling up the straps. I'm debating whether I should buy a new suit before the season ends.

Tonight we had dinner in one of our favorite Afghan places, Bamiyan. I had a grilled chicken kabob, stewed pumpkin and brown rice. "Dessert" was then giner tea. I find it kind of amusing that my idea of dessert has changed from being chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate to fruit, sugar free Jell-O and tea. In fact, I haven't had anything chocolate in about three weeks. I think that's a record for me.

I was nervous about going away for the first time since getting my diagnosis, but being prepared definitely helped. So the next time you know that an activity is coming up, do what you can to control what you eat: brin snack to the movies or a party or make sure that there will be food that fits into your particular plan.

Oh, by the way, I have a new blog that focuses on my diabetes journey:

How Not Sweet It is: Type 2 Diabetes Blog:

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