Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Truth Hurts

I just told my parents about my diagnosis. I wasn't planning to say anything, but then my mom specifically asked if I'd been to the doctor. I know them so well, they acted exactly like I expected: my mom broke down and my dad basically blamed me for making myself sick.

It's one thing for me to put the responsibility on myself, but I was hoping for more of a show of support, some, "I know you can beat this!" or "You're strong, it'll be OK," something like that. My in-laws were very cool and supportive, but they're both overweight, so they understand how tough it is to lose weight and deal with obesity.

Stress makes your blood sugar go up and mine's been lowering all day, so I really don't want to mess up the pattern. So know what? If my parents are going to lecture and weep over me, I'm just going to tune it out.


  1. Just remember there is hope and we live in an era of great medical strides. They can manage you while you get leaner and fitter. Walk and diet. You know the drill. I was prediabetic, well on my way to Type 2 D...and it scared me poopless. I began my journey. As of June, prediabetes RESOLVED. Blood sugar in the 80s. Bloodp pressure nice and low. Energy up.

    When my blood sugar/metabolism was at its worst, I barely wanted to move out of bed and was nearly completely sedentary. A flight of stairs about killed me. I got sleepy after meals. Blurry vision, yep.

    Healthy diet. No more sugar (unless you have a hypoglycemic emergency, I guess). Lots of veggies, good protein. Insulin sensitivity increased by daily 30+ minutes of movement. You will, will, will get better and see progress.

    I'm sorry this awful diagnosis fell on you. But unlike some stuff (ie, cancer, etc), you can reverse it or radically improve it. I wish you the best as you do...

  2. I'm sorry to hear your diagnosis.
    Its the diagnosis I fear, and really should get tested, I'm going to take a lesson from you and get the test.
    Thanks for posting
    I will follow along and hope things go well for you

  3. Hi Dawn,

    Definitely get tested. Even if you are ill, you'll feel so much better knowing that you're getting the help you need. I'm already experiencing improvements in my health, and it's been only two weeks. Good luck.

  4. @Princess Dieter,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with me. It gives me a lot of hope.