Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bad Idea

For the past week, I've been trying to cut out more carbs. I usually like to have some kind of bread for breakfast, but I've been skipping it. In the end, though, this turned out to be not such a great idea because yesterday, I ended up craving bread like you wouldn't believe.

In the morning, I ate my food too early so that I was finished with my cheese and fruit by about noon. So by about 3 p.m., I was STARVING and ended up getting cheese-filled crackers from the vending machine. They weren't the worst choice, but they were salty and not even that filling.

Jon and I then made plans to go to the movies last night (saw Easy A, which is really cute, by the way) and I arrived an hour early. Again, I was really hungry, so I got a sesame roll and pork bun from the Chinese bakery that's next door to the theater. Both items were YUMMMMMMY, but neither remotely resembled anything healthy.

As I've mentioned before, I traveled a lot as a kid because my parents were teachers and had summers off. We went to China in 1985, when I was 11. My favorite meal was always breakfast because they served all kinds of buns and rolls stuffed with meat or beans, but after I'd had one or two, my parents would always remind me, "That's enough! You've had enough!" But my love for Chinese baked goods has remained, so I guess if I were going to blow Weight Watchers POINTS on something, at least it was worth it! Plus, I wasn't eating because I was upset or stressed, and I didn't binge; I took about 40 minutes to finish the meal. I was eating because I wanted to enjoy something delicious that I don't have too often.

I don't intend to make this an everyday thing, though. When I got home, I journaled all of my food and assessed the "damage" -- and it wasn't THAT bad. I did a lot of walking yesterday and took a lot of stairs, so I did get in exercise. I actually walked all the way to the subway and took it myself! Plus, I don't go to that bakery all the time, maybe three times a year at most. I have to remind myself that I am entitled to have treats once in a while, as long as I keep it in moderation.

But I am going to go back to having some bread at breakfast so that I don't end up getting hungry. My previous plan was working so I don't know why I saw to change it. I do think I'll bring in some more things to nosh on, like baby carrots.

Meanwhile, I'm just going to eat today as if nothing happened yesterday. I'm not going to subtract meals to make up for overindulging a little bit. I had a roll for breakfast and am having some cheese and fruit for lunch (we have about a billion apples in the house). Later, I'll do the BowFlex and my physical therapy exercises, which I now have to do on my own. All I can do is continue to move forward.

On a separate note, there was this woman on the subway who was easily twice MY size -- and who was wearing this little tank top and short shirt. Normally, I'd be like, "Uh, honey, we have to hide those rolls of fat and jiggly arms," but somehow she managed to pull it off. Her tank top was a sparkly silver and she had matching sparkly sandals. She was also wearing shimmery makeup and definitely looked as if she were heading out to a club or a party. I don't know how she managed to look decent in an outfit that should've been so wrong for her size. I guess confidence really does go a long way, huh?

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  1. Bread just doesn't work for me. It always starts me on a major binge.