Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Holidays And Catching Up

Just finished a crazy week -- no wonder I crashed on Friday night! After attending my friend's bridal shower and then visiting my grandmother last Saturday, we had our Passover seder on Monday; I then helped another friend with wedding plans later in the week. It was fun seeing so many people, but I was happy to enjoy a quiet Sunday today.

I'm going to be honest, I haven't been so great about going to the gym. But I have been doing well with my eating. At Passover, I took only one serving of meatloaf, spinach souffle and stuffing, and I didn't even finish it. For dessert, I had one small piece of Passover brownie and one macaroon. Oh, and I had half a glass of wine. That was it. We were supposed to go to a second seder on Tuesday, but I decided to not attend. I felt badly cancelling on the friend who invited us, but I didn't want to do two big dinners in a row, especially since I had the bridal shower the weekend before. I stand by my decision and figure that we can see the friend on another day.

Later in the week, I went to my friend Amy's to help her address wedding invitations. She also served Passover food, but it was all very light -- beet salad, homemade guacamole and matzah, fresh vegetables, cottage cheese.

We don't really observe Passover (yes, I still eat bread; I'm a bad Jew), but I've been careful all week. I actually haven't had that much of an appetite, probably because I've been eating less.

Mentally, I'm in a good place. I have my second craft fair next weekend and am looking forward to selling some more jewelry. I've been working on new pieces all weekend and can't wait to show them off. Physically, I could be better (I know, I know, working out will help), but I'm sleeping a lot better these days and feel less lethargic. We had a half day of work on Friday, so I went home early with the plan to take a nap; instead, I ended up finishing a book and making four pieces of jewelry that evening. On weekends, my instinct is to hibernate, but I've been forcing myself to go out, even if it's just to see a movie. We did that yesterday and then today, I made some more jewelry and cleaned.

Right now, I'm going to enjoy the salad and chicken curry that Jon cooked for me. I like Sundays because it means that it's the start of a new week, and another chance for me to start clean and healthy. Here's to a happy Easter/Passover to everyone and to you having a healthy week, as well!

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