Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday Madness

Tonight was my sixth and final birthday celebration. Yes, I ended up having a birthweek rather than a birthday this year, but it felt really good to be acknowledged by so many friends and family members. I think that everyone felt badly for me having such a shitty year in 2010 and wanted to make up for my broken leg by making sure I had a good time. Which I did! This was definitely one of my best birthdays.

I'm also happy that I did pretty well with eating. I had some alcohol and a lot of food on my actual birthday, but I didn't go overboard with cake or candy, or anything like that.

This evening, I went out with Scott for dinner. I had chicken with veggies, fries and salad, but we were talking the whole time, so I only ended up eating about half of my meal. That was fine, though, as I felt full, but not stuffed.

Scott also noticed that I'm having an easier time walking. Now that the snow has melted somewhat, it's easier for me to navigate the sidewalks, but I also know that losing weight, even just a few pounds, has helped tremendously. I can now walk a few blocks before I have to stop and sit down, as opposed to just a few feet.

After I walked Scott to the train, I'd planned to take the bus the rest of the way. But after sitting at the stop for about 10 minutes, I was getting cold and realized that I had to pee, so I walked the rest of the way home. It wasn't a long walk, only 10 minutes or so, but I'm proud of myself for doing it. Plus, it was a nice night and it felt good to be outside.

I'm glad that it's February and we're getting closer to spring. This winter has been awful for me, but I'm looking forward to being active when the warmer weather hits. Last spring, I was in a wheelchair. I'd like this spring to be as happy as this year's birthday.

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