Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Keeping Busy

I did it. I signed up for Bally's and made a "gym date" with Karen for next Tuesday. Plus, my new workout clothes arrived and fit well. So it looks as if I'll be starting a new workout program. Karen has suggested that we begin with two days a week, which sounds reasonable. I hope I can keep it up for the long haul.

Right now, my motivation is to be fit for Greece, but there are other things coming up in the future that I'd like to be in shape for, too. I have three weddings to attend this year and it would be nice to dance at them, not to mention buy new dresses for the events. I have a craft fair in May and would like to be able to walk around and see what the other artists have made. Then there's Jon's 40th birthday in October and it would be great if we could take a more ambitious trip, like to Japan. In other words, there is plenty ahead for which I need to be in shape.

Happily, other areas of my life are going well. I've sold some jewelry and hope to get a place at some more fairs. It's a little surreal to me to actually see this business coming together. For years, I tried to sell a novel and that was a bust; I then recorded my album, which was mainly purchased by friends and family. Don't get me wrong; I'm very proud of the work I did in regards to these projects, but it would've been cool if they'd led to a new business venture. Who knows, maybe they still can. But in the meantime, I'm honored that people want to wear my jewelry and are willing to PAY for it! This was NEVER the way I'd expected my life to go.

Which just goes to show, that you can't give up -- you just never know what twist or turn will be ahead. I'm not anywhere near my goal of being fit and healthy, but feel as if I'm taking some positive steps, both physically AND metally.

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