Friday, February 4, 2011

Birthday Reflections

Yesterday marked the big day when I turned 37. Overall, it was a pretty good birthday. Work was quiet for once, so it wasn't too stressful. In the evening, Jon and I went to a wonderful tapas bar ... where I ate way too much. It was worth it, though, because the food was so good.

Today, I went back to eating clean and healthy things. This weekend is going to be tricky because I have several more parties on the horizon, but if I stick to veggie dishes, I should be okay. Tomorrow is my karaoke party, so I'll get chicken teriyaki or veggie sushi and then on Sunday, we're going for Tex Mex, so I'll get veggie fajitas. I've been feeling good lately so I don't want to go overboard. Splurging on my birthday was one thing, but I can't do that every day.

What was really nice about yesterday is that so many people contacted me to wish me a happy birthday. It made me feel really loved and reminded me that the people in my life don't care that I'm fat. I've kind of reached a point where I don't care about my looks too much and my desire to lose weight is coming more from my desire to be able to do things.

Tonight Karen and I discussed joining a gym. We're intending to check out the Bally's that's near us. I belonged to Bally's ages ago and liked it, but am nervous about entering a gym again. The last one I belonged to was tiny so I didn't feel as if I stood out too much. Then again, if Karen is with me it won't be so bad. I used to love the elliptical and am anxious to try that again.

On the way home tonight, the cabby asked if I'm Karen's mother. Her mother! I'm six years older than her, but we're both in our 30s. It gave me a bit of a complex. I mean, I don't yet have gray hair, but I guess being overweight makes me look older. Yet another reason why being obese sucks. Still, Karen had fun calling me "Mom." Haha. Once I get back onto the elliptical this "Mom" should be able to keep up with those youngins....

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