Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Big Wheel Keep On Turning

This morning, they FINALLY let me use the bike in PT! I've been asking them for weeks if I could try it and they kept telling me that I "wasn't ready yet." Well, I felt as if I were more than ready, and this morning, I proved it by easily doing 10 minutes on it. I took it slowly, but it felt really good -- and it helped that the radio was playing "Proud Mary!"

For the rest of the day, I was in a good mood and when I walked to the bus stop this evening it was, well, slightly less exhausting than yesterday. I still had to stop a bunch of times, but I made it there five minutes quicker than last night. Hopefully, I'll keep adding speed so that I can eventually do the walk in just 10 minutes again. I then got off at the "scene of the crime," a.k.a. my nickname for the spot where I fell, but I didn't hurt myself this time! Believe me, I was a bit jumpy, but this bus driver pulled all the way up to the curb for me so there were no potholes in my way. Phew!

What's interesting is how people treat you when you have a walker. When I was in the wheelchair, a lot of people were overly friendly. Now I get a lot of stares -- perhaps because I'm so large still or perhaps because my walker is a little unusual-looking and has a seat built into it (my favorite feature!). But most people are oblivious and won't move out of your way. Last night, for example, this woman was walking her dog right on the ramp that leads up to the door of my shrink's office. I had to call out to her three times before she acknowledged me and then she still didn't move! Basically, I had to plow through her. Then when I was trying to open the door to the office, people saw me, but no one offered to help. It was a little frustrating. Thankfully, the bus drivers have been helpful in picking up the walker for me as I get on and off the bus so that I can grip the rails with both hands.

What's nice, though, is that my social life is starting to feel normal again. I'm going out with friends over the next two nights and then have a party on Saturday. And then next week, I already have dinner plans for two nights. Thanks to Jon, my social life wasn't horrible while I was in the wheelchair, but I was definitely a lot more isolated. I love being able to explore the city and am glad I have that back somewhat.

My next goal is to feel strong enough so that I can ditch the walker. That and the chair have been lifesavers -- but I'd rather be out there without my"wheels."

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