Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back To The Land Of the Living

I got a surprise call this week from my job: seems that my temporary disability has run out (it ends after three months) and if I don't return to work, my job could be in jeopardy. Happily, my boss and the nice HR lady were willing to find a loophole and have finally allowed me to work from home for the next few weeks. I start tomorrow. I'm hoping that I'll be up to commuting at the end of the month, but this will be a nice way to transition back to full-time employment.

I'm not entirely sure why I wasn't allowed to work from home in the first place (something to do with disability payment laws, I think), but I'm touched that my boss fought for me and is making sure that my job remains safe. As you know, I've had some doubts about the job and about how much I'm actually respected at my office, but this shows that I am. I have to say that during this whole time, none of my higher-ups or anyone from HR has ever given me a difficult time about me being absent.

I'm still not sure what will happen with the job in the future, but for now, I'm looking forward to returning and feeling useful again. I think I can deal with it not being my dream job as long as I find some other purpose or project to keep me busy. For now, I guess, it's getting back on my feet and improving my health.

Still, I'm trying to think about my longer-term goals. My counselor thinks that I should eventually do something relating to weight loss. I have to say, I really like this idea, even though I haven't yet been very successful at it myself. But I like writing and enjoy helping people ... if I could somehow tie all of these things together in assisting other obese people with their weight-loss goals, that would be great. I just haven't yet figured out what that is. Perhaps as I continue to work on my own body, some ideas will come to me.

For now, it'll be nice to return to work and bring home some decent money. Disability DOES NOT pay well at all! Maybe when all is said and done, I'll splurge on some new shoes. Now that I can wear normal shoes again, this seems like an appropriate way to celebrate my gradual return to normalcy.

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