Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Meal At A Time

I'm really proud of myself for having a productive and healthy day. I just got back from dinner with a friend and was pleased with all of the choices that I made. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, a Tex-Mex place called Santa Fe, but instead of getting a burrito or enchilada drenched in cheese (and trust me, they are soooo good!), I ordered the veggie fajitas, which came with nice chunky pieces of cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini and onion. I put together two fajitas, spreading on a salsa and just a bit of guacamole. There were chips on the table, too, but I only had a few. And though this place has AWESOME desserts, all I had after the meal was a cup of coffee -- and then when I came home, I had one fruit pop. I was craving chocolate, but didn't give in to it.

It felt really good to have a very satisfying and filling meal that was actually good for me. When I finished, I was full, but I didn't have that sick, bloated feeling that I often get when I've scarfed down too much salt or too many carbs. Plus, it was nice to be out with my friend and enjoy some girl talk. Of course, I relished my food, but I was mainly paying attention to what she was saying; I wasn't obsessing over my meal like I tend to do sometime.

My friend noticed that I've lost weight, too. She'd mentioned this to me when we met up last week, but said that she could see even more of a difference even over the past few days. The difference isn't that big yet, but it's encouraging that people are starting to notice -- and her compliment made me want to keep the momentum going by having a healthy dinner.

Between my tough PT session and successful night out, I'm more positive about the future. This weekend, my goal is to take a long "journey" and circle our block. Right now, that seems as if it's 10 miles long, but I'd love to be active again. If I can move any way I want and do whatever I want, my world will continue to become a much larger place.

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