Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good News!

I jusr returned from seeing the head doctor at the physical therapy place and he gave me a glowing report! He admitted that he'd had concerns about my recovery since I'm overweight and my bone was taking so long to heal, but said that I've ended up being one of the quicker recoveries he's seen --and that I should be finished with PT in 3-6 weeks. Woo hoo!

I told him that I've been working really hard and he said that that's obvious, as is the fact that I've lost some weight. Overall, he was really impressed, which was nice. He was expecting my recovery to last about six months and was very happy for me that it's only going to take about two.

I mentioned my plan to walk a half marathon next May, in honor of my friend's sister, and he thought that this is a great idea. He said that I should increase my walking distance slowly, but that given how well I'm progressing, this should be perfectly doable by then.

Next week, I'm seeing my orthopedist and I'm anticipating -- knock on wood -- a good report from him, too. I'm a little nervous about what story the X-ray will tell, but since I'm not feeling any severe pain, I'm optimistic that my bone has healed like it's supposed to.

Still, I'm very excited to have gotten a nice report from a doctor, which doesn't happen for me often. My weight almost always comes up as an issue and I'm a wimpy patient, to boot. I don't see doctors as often as I should because it's often a frightening and embarrassing situation for me. I know that this is something that a lot of overweight patients deal with and I'm trying to slowly get over that fear. I'm already planning to see an endocrinologist this fall when I'm a lot more mobile.

That said, it felt good to be doing something RIGHT with my body for a change. It's kind of like a C student finally getting that A in a class, LOL. The doctor said that maybe this could be a wakeup call for me to continue watching my weight so that my joints and overall health will stay in decent condition. I think he's right. I'm feeling a lot more optimistic about getting back in shape than I have in a really long time.

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