Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Heat Is On

It's over 100 degrees today in New York City ... and of course, this had to be the day that the PT office flooded.

It's usually a pretty quiet office, but my appointment was later today and it was insane! The place was so packed that they could barely find workout space for everyone. Then an elderly woman used the toilet ... and it began to flood. The water kept on gushing on the floor so that we all felt as if we were on the Titanic. My therapist and a few others frantically tried to stop it as they waited for the repair person to arrive. All the while, more patients were filing into the waiting room, including one older woman whom I've seen around the neighborhood and know simply as "Crazy Lady." She stood in the doorway and screamed amidst the chaos; ironically, what she was screaming for was a glass of water.

Throughout all of this, I did manage to complete my workout. It's definitely getting easier for me. I've been using a 3 lb ankle weight at home, so the 2 lber they had on me today felt really light. But I can now dip a lot lower during my squats and can place much more weight on the bad leg. Before, when I had to balance on my bad leg and lift my good leg, I could only maintain the pose for half a second. But now I can hold it for about 3-5 seconds, a big improvement.

Meanwhile, my dad was really happy when I greeted him at the door to our apartment standing rather than sitting. And my cat was really pleased last night when I was able to get up and feed her, and she didn't have to wait for my husband to come home. See? My walking is good for everyone.

Understandably, my therapist was distracted today, but I felt as if I had a good session. I'd like to mix things up, though, so on Thursday, I'm going to ask if I can try the recumbant bike. Who knows? If it floods again, I might need the bike to swim out of there!

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