Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting A Grip

So far, I'm having a shitty day, to put things lightly. I think I've been overdoing my workouts because my ankle is all sore and swollen today. I had a difficult time getting it into my sneaker and it hurts to walk on it. That said, they only had me do stretches today at PT and recommend that I keep it elevated and take a break for the rest of the day. I realize that it's normal for muscles to get sore from exercise, especially when there are torn ligaments involved, but I was doing so well ... and now I'm not. It's frustrating. But I'll do what they say and trust that I'll be in even better shape by the time my muscles relax and heal.

Meanwhile, my husband and I had an encounter with a crazy cabby this morning. We've been using the same car service for years and they are always reliable. However, this particular cabby freaked out when he went to put my walker in the trunk and Jon said, "No, I got it." I don't know if it was Jon's tone or what that set him off, but all of a sudden, the driver started yelling at Jon and calling him crazy and threatening to beat him up! Then Jon started screaming back and I screamed because I just wanted my husband to walk away and not provoke him any further. My husband is a good guy, but he can be very hot-headed and his temper makes me nuts (even though the cabby was clearly the one who started it today). I wish that Jon would learn to just let things go. I know that I need to learn to be more confrontational, but he's sort of the opposite.

The cabby finally drove away and they sent us another car, but it was a big mess and I arrived at PT shaken and crying. I think that had I been there under different circumstances, I would've pushed through my sore leg, but I was just not mentally in the game today.

On top of this, I totally have PMS and am tired and cranky and crampy. But the good news is, I haven't binged. I kind of want to right now, but I'm writing in this blog instead and am hoping that I can clear my head by the time I sit down for breakfast. I have a bagel and some fruit and I'm going to eat that slowly and then stop. I'm resting with ice on my leg right now, so I'm going to just try to relax and let my foot heal itself.

Whew, I am a bit calmer now that I've written out some of my thoughts. I'm going to enjoy my breakfast, watch some sitcoms to cheer myself up and try to forget that this morning ever happened...

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