Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can You Kick A Cardio Machine In The Nads?

When it comes to working out, I'm definitely a "tortoise" at the moment. I apparently move so slowly that the cardio machines literally won't register me being on them. When I went on the elliptical this evening -- a different kind than the one I was on yesterday as this one also worked out your arms -- I pedaled as quickly as I could, but the program kept going to "pause." I was moving so slowly that it thought I was stopping! The nice man next to me tried to fix the machine, but I explained that it was me, and not the elliptical. I then told him all about my leg and my surgery and he stepped away. I don't know whether he was actually finished with his workout or if I'd scared him off with my blathering.

Next, I went on the bike and the same thing happened: I couldn't pedal quickly enough for it to register. Don't get me wrong, I was pushing myself -- and sweating like a pig to prove it -- but it wasn't good enough for El Biko. I just couldn't get my left leg to pedal at whatever speed the machine wanted. I wonder if the machine would register my workout if I gave it a hard kick? Do machines have nads?

Annoying machines aside, I'm glad that I joined the gym. Besides this gives me a new, immediate goal: to be in good enough shape so that I "count" with these fucking machines. I'll get there -- and then I will kick the cardio monsters' asses.

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