Monday, March 21, 2011

Mrs. Thighs Vs. The Machine

Tonight, I was finally accepted into an exclusive club: the I can pedal quickly enough so that the bike registers me club! I managed to keep up the momentum for five minutes; I then began to get tired and the machine cut me off. Still, I managed to do 20 minutes on the bike overall, and am proud of my five minutes of "fast" pedaling.

I also did five minutes each on the full-body elliptical (that has arm pedals) and treadmill, so overall, I completed a 30-minute workout. Not quite as good as how I did on Friday, but I had a little fall that tripped me up. I went to get onto the elliptical and I guess the crossramp was up because the pedals were very high. I managed to get my left leg up onto the machine, but when I went to hook my right leg over, I slipped, fell off and hit my shin. Ouch! Sometimes being short really sucks.

At work today, I chatted with a colleague who's been going to physical therapy for a broken shoulder. I revealed that I've been going to the gym in an effort to get in shape for Greece and she looked very skeptical. I can't wait to tell her that I "beat" the bike tonight -- and I'll be sure to send her a postcard from Greece.

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  1. Congratulations =). I know you didn't exactly manage to keep it up forever, but practice makes progress, right?

    It's just nice to see other people sticking with it =). I used Proactol Plus, and a few lifestyle changes... A little exercise and cutting down on snacks. But keep up the good work =).